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Man arrested for allegedly impregnating his wife’s 15-year-old friend


A 22-year-old security guard who impregnated his wife’s 15-year-old friend has been charged with defilement at Kibera law court, Kenya.

The guard is accused of luring the minor to his cousin’s house in Kawangware, Nairobi where he allegedly defiled her.

The minor is said to have been his wife’s friend and a regular visitor at their house before the suspect started ensnaring her.

She reportedly eventually agreed to be his lover after he promised to make her his wife and take her to his rural home.

According to Nairobi News, the guard denied the charges before senior principal magistrate Esther Bhoke and demanded that his wife’s interest in the case be investigated.

The suspect was freed on a bond of Sh300,000, with a surety of a similar amount. The case will be mentioned on February 9.

Kenya’s ministry of health says it has received reports of at least 5,000 sexual violence cases across the country, 65% of them involve girls younger than 18, many of whom live in poverty.  Officials say in many cases the perpetrators are close to the victims and do not believe the abuse is a crime.

“Girls are being lured very easily by these perpetrators just because they know this family cannot afford to provide. So they give them handouts, promise them marriage and end up having sex with these girls. They don’t know this is a punishable thing or punishable crime, but now they accept just because their parents cannot afford to provide certain items, said Fanis Lisiagali the head of healthcare assistance in Kenya, an organization that works closely with the ministry of gender on issues of women and girls.



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