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Man deposits family as collateral to collect N43,000 from POS operator


A Nigerian man, on Saturday, Jan 9 2021, deposited his wife and 3 children as collateral after collecting N43,000 from a Point of Sale (POS) operator.

According to the Nigerian Tribune, the man identified as David hails from Edo state, in the southern part of Nigeria.
It was gathered that the man went to the POS shop at Oluku, near Benin City, with his wife and three children, gave his ATM card to the female attendant and requested to withdraw the sum of N43,000.
According to an eyewitness, after several attempts to effect the withdrawal failed, the man asked the POS attendant to give him the money, while his family and the attendant continue to try the withdrawal.
“The man pleaded with the POS attendant to give him the money first, as he had to sort out an urgent matter.
“He left his wife and three children behind as an assurance that he would return soon.
“After giving him the money, the attendant tried to withdraw the money from his account several times, but the transaction failed,” the witness said.
It was gathered that after waiting endlessly, the POS attendant had no choice but to report the matter at the Ekiadolor Police Division, where the woman and her three children are currently being detained.

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