Three things you must do to balance work and health in 2021


There is no doubt that the year 2020 ushered in a lot of baggage that the world is still trying to overcome and learn from in 2021. From the COVID-19 pandemic and other health issues to dwindling economies, loss of jobs, the protests in several countries, you just name it.

However, while many lost their jobs and sources of livelihood, others expanded their frontiers or secured new jobs.

It is important to note that while we are doing our best to maintain our new frontiers and portfolios, there is a pandemic and other ailments that are non-COVID-19-related.

Health and career coaches have often emphasized that it is only individuals who are hale and hearty that can accomplish given tasks, even though many tend to work more than the recommended traditional schedule of 40 hours a week.

Maintaining equilibrium in our health and work should be of utmost priority and in this article, we will be looking at three things that we must do to balance these aspects of our lives this year.

1. Rest as much as you work

Many individuals work as long as 8 to 15 hours daily, without having enough time to rest and sleep. According to research, rest has the ability to improve cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure and cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone that is induced when an individual is stressed out. An important question that must be asked is what would happen to our jobs if we become sick with health conditions that are stress-related? I believe we know the answer, hence we must take out time to rest while we work.

2. Protect your job by following COVID-19 safety guidelines

For our businesses and employers to get maximum profits in 2021, we must remember that there is a pandemic that has caused panic in many nations and it is our responsibility to follow safety protocols. You may be wondering how this is related but I will explain.

For instance, your company has given you and Stacy two weeks to execute a project that has been estimated to fetch the firm a profit of N6 million. If both of you fail to protect yourselves and get infected with the virus, you both will be isolated for the two-three weeks which ought to have been used to execute the project. There will also be a probability that other staff may have been infected through the both of you, causing a breach in the health and work balance.

It is, therefore, important that if we do not work remotely, we must protect ourselves, colleagues and businesses by staying safe.

3. Exercise, Meditate and practice regular medical check-up

To be 100% productive in your work, you must be sound both physically and mentally. Exercise is not just an effective stress reducer, it is an activity that promotes both physical and mental wellness.

Taking a few minutes daily to exercise or meditate keeps you mentally and physically active.

“When I talk about balance, not everything has to be the completion and achievement of a task, it also has to include self-care so that your body, mind and soul are being refreshed,” says Marilyn Puder-York, an executive coach.

Similarly, we must not wait till we are sick before we visit the hospital. There may a change in our bodies that may lead to fatality if not discovered early. This explains the necessity of regular medical checkups and screenings. You do not want to be taken unawares causing your business or job to suffer, do you?

It is recommended that we make room for equilibrium in our health and work lives by having adequate rest, eating healthy, exercising and meditating regularly and finally, following the COVID-19 safety protocols. This is because the year is just starting out and I know many of us will want to make the best of it.


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