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‘Treat malaria-like symptoms as Covid-19’ – Sanwo-Olu orders, says oxygen demand risen to 350 bottles cylinders daily


Following the increase in the number of recorded cases of coronavirus in Nigeria, the Lagos State governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, on Tuesday said any malaria-like symptoms should henceforth be considered as COVID-19 virus infection until proven otherwise.

He, therefore, advised that anyone with such malaria like symptoms to proceed to any of the state’s public health facilities or laboratories to get tested for free, while noting that seeking help early and quickly, significantly improves the chances of survival for severe to critical cases.

Sanwo-Olu said it is important that Lagos State residents begin to learn to live and act responsibly, in order to augment the government’s efforts and previous success of flattening the curve.

The governor also said the increase in coronavirus cases in the second wave has necessitated the greater amount of oxygen for the moderate to severe cases of admission in all the isolation centres and necessitated the reopening of some of the previously closed isolation centres.

These include the INDO Isolation Centre and Gbagada Isolation Center to contain the rising cases and re-flattening the curve in the shortest possible time.

“Over the last few weeks, the demands for oxygen has risen from 70 six-litre cylinders per day to 350 six-litre cylinders in our Yaba Mainland Hospital. This is projected to more than double to 750 six-cylinders, before the end of January 2021.

“ln addition to providing oxygen at our isolation centres, the Lagos State Government has decentralised the availability of oxygen across the state through the provision of 10 oxygen and sampling kiosks. Oxygen therapy and other related services will be provided to patients that require them.

“Five of these 10 oxygen centres have been commissioned while the remaining five will be ready for use within the next four weeks. It is our expectation that these sampling kiosks would be easily accessible to residents that require oxygen therapy at the level of LGAs as stabilisation points prior to onward transmission to our isolation centres if required. This strategy is to further increase the fighting chance of Lagos residents that have contracted the virus and require immediate oxygen therapy,” he said.


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