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Trump’s former personal physician, Dr Harold Bornstein dies at 73


Dr Harold N. Bornstein, Donald Trump’s former physician who once declared him to be ‘the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency’ only to later say he was coerced into making the claim, died on Friday, 8 January, it has been revealed.

Bornstein, the Manhattan-based doctor, was 73 years of age at the time of his death, which was revealed in a paid notice published in The New York Times on Thursday, 14 January.

No cause of death has been given, there is also no word as to where he died.

Bornstein, a gastroenterologist, served as Trump’s personal physician from 1980 until 2017.

He inherited Trump as a patient from his father, Dr Jacob Bornstein, who also practised medicine at the same park avenue address on Manhattan’s upper east side.

After Trump was elected to the presidency in 2016, Bornstein hoped that he would be named white house physician and lobbied for the position.

But he ran afoul of the president and was removed from his inner circle after he revealed that Trump was taking Propecia, an anti-baldness drug. Bornstein himself was taking the drug in order to maintain his long, flowing hairdo.

The public learned of Bornstein’s death through an obituary that appeared in the Times’ Legacy section.

”Dr Bornstein devoted his life to the practice of medicine, which he regarded as a sacred privilege, the obituary read.

”His devotion to his patients was unparalleled and he continued a traditional style of personal medicine, making house calls and holding the hands of those in need until the end.

”As a lifelong learner, he often spent nights under a lamp reading and annotating Italian language literature.

Bornstein is survived by his third wife, Melissa (right), daughter Alix, and sons Robyn, Joseph, Jeremee, and Jackson.

Bornstein gained national fame in 2015 when Trump launched his successful bid for the republican nomination that eventually catapulted him to the white house.

With his long flowing hair and large glasses, Bornstein became a colourful character in Trump’s unlikely 2016 campaign for the presidency.

At the time, Trump accused his democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, of lacking the stamina to serve as president.

In order to bolster his claims of superior health, Trump, who at age 70 was the oldest person ever to be inaugurated as president, ordered Bornstein to release a medical report.

In a letter released in December 2015, Bornstein wrote that Trump would ‘unequivocally’ be the healthiest president in history and deemed the celebrity businessman’s condition astonishingly excellent.

He later said he wrote the note in five minutes while a limo sent by the candidate waited outside his office.

In media interviews, Bornstein would later claim that he was forced to give Trump the glowing bill of health.


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