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Atiku, Tinubu have what it takes to be president – Junaid Mohammed

Williams Babalola
A second republic lawmaker, Junaid Mohammed, has said that All Progressives Congress, APC National leader, Bola Tinubu and ex-Nigerian Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, would govern the country better than incumbent president, Muhammadu Buhari, if any of the duo gets the opportunity in 2023.
Daily Post reports that, the former lawmaker said both the APC and the PDP chieftains had proved not to be nepotistic in the various government positions they had served.
According to Mohammed, “The problem will be if PDP puts Atiku forward, the strength he has in the party now is not what he had during the party’s convention in Port Harcourt.
“It’s an open secret that Tinubu is desirous of contesting the 2023 presidential election. In my view, he has what it takes to contest the election on the platform of APC. APC was his own creation, without Tinubu there would be no APC and without the party there would be no Buhari presidency.
“Buhari is not a man who believes in loyalty but he demands it and he is the kind of person who wants to pretend to get people into serving him till their last breath but has never been loyal to anybody.
“The genesis of this attempt to undermine Tinubu emanates from the Presidency to governors to Ministers. But that does not disqualify him nor would Buhari’s hatred disqualify Atiku.
“Atiku can emerge as candidate of PDP but it does not guarantee that he would be the president.
“Both Tinubu and Atiku are better than Buhari. In terms of governance of a country like Nigeria with its landmass and population, we need somebody who is economically literate to govern us. Secondly, we must have somebody who has the necessary knowledge of international affairs.
“In this day and age, no country is an island no matter how big you are, you must learn to relate with other country.
“Tinubu has been a governor while Atiku has been a Vice President under one of Nigeria’s most remarkable president though controversial.
“I think Tinubu’s problem will come if he wins the nomination and decide to pick somebody outside the North and a Muslim.
“In the case of Atiku, Northeast is essentially a war zone so conducting a campaign and election in such an area today is a challenge, but he has a history of being rootless so he may pull it off but I don’t know.
“Anyone of them who emerges as president would be better than Buhari I can tell you with all the force at my command.
“Neither Atiku nor Tinubu is a nepotist, none of them has the reputation of bringing their relations while in government but in the case of Buhari every major appointment has the imprint of his cronies, friends, families, and to make it worse non of them have done well,” Mohammed said.

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