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Biden: US will never recognise Russia’s hold on Crimea

Williams Babalola
US President, Joe Biden has sworn not to recognise the forceful merger of Russia and the Crimean Peninsula seven years after grabbing it from Ukraine.
Biden made this known on Friday on the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Crimea stating that the US will continually support Ukraine.
He said, “The United States does not and will never recognise Russia’s purported annexation of the peninsula, and we will stand with Ukraine against Russia’s aggressive acts.
“The United States continues to stand with Ukraine and its allies and partners today, as it has from the beginning of this conflict. On this somber anniversary, we reaffirm a simple truth: Crimea is Ukraine.
He added, “We will continue to work to hold Russia accountable for its abuses and aggression in Ukraine. We will also continue to honour the courage and hope of the Revolution of Dignity, in which the Ukrainian people faced down sniper fire and enforcers in riot gear on the Maidan and demanded a new beginning for their country.”
The president was referring to the February 2014 population revolt that led to the ouster of pro-Russia Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.
Russian troops seized the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine in 2014 and President Vladimir Putin then incorporated the region under Moscow’s rule.
At the same time, the Kremlin backed an armed uprising in eastern Ukraine where pro-Russian separatists declared independence, sparking a war that continues to simmer, with swaths of territory remaining out of the Ukrainian government’s control.
The latest casualties caused by the latest fighting came as Kiev accused Moscow and the separatists of ramping up attacks in violation of a ceasefire agreed in July, 2020.
Russia’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula has been decried by the UN General Assembly, the US and Turkey as illegal under international law.

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