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British lawyer escapes assassination for exposing secret trial, execution of 6 Igbo soldiers


A Nigerian born British international human rights lawyer, Barrister Richie Ebuka Okoroafor, has escaped an assassination attempt on his life.

The incidence happened on Thursday, February 25, 2021 along Suleja-Bida Road in Niger State while on his way back to Abuja.

Okoroafor whose parents are from Abia State broke the news to his human rights partners, the International Society for Civil Liberties & Rule of Law (Intersociety), and the Government of the United Kingdom on Thursday evening.

Recounting details of what happened, Intersociety said in a statement issued on Friday morning in Onitsha, Eastern Nigeria, and signed by its Principal Officers, Emeka Umeagbalasi, Obianuju Igboeli, Esq., and Chidimma Udegbunam, Esq.:

“The attempted assassination had taken place along Suleja-Bida Road when he was returning to Abuja after visiting the Alpha Base, manned by soldiers and belonging to the Joint Security Taskforce or JTF in Niger State.

“His visit to the temporary Army Base followed new discovery of another batch of 109 Obigbo Army abductees including Citizen Elvis Ngozi whom his family recently located to the Base through an Army officer contacted by the Family.

“Barrister Okoroafor had before leaving the Base noticed that his private car had been marked with a black paint in the rim after he had parked the car and entered the Base.

“Lawyer Okoroafor entered his car and drove for about 20 minutes from the Base returning to Abuja when his car was crossed and blocked by an unmarked white Hilux with some armed men who opened fire instantly and at close.

“His car was rained with live bullets including aiming and shooting at driver’s and car owner’s sides. The Lawyer reversed and managed to find his way into a market place, forcing the assassins to speed off and escape.

“The Lawyer was driving in a black Mercedes Car (GLK M133 Model).

“The matter was later reported to the Nigeria Police Force, Suleja Area Command in Niger State. The British Government also responded swiftly and offered to evacuate the Lawyer who is a British citizen back to the UK subject to his approval.”

Intersociety linked Barrister Okoroafor’s ordeal to his “exposing the secret trial and execution of six Igbo Christian soldiers who were secretly executed on 24th Jan 2021”, adding that “Barrister Okoroafor, also jointly with others located not less than 370 out of over 400 defenseless Obigbo residents abducted between Oct and Nov 2020 by the Nigerian Army.”

“The abductions followed a war-grade invasion and attacks by Nigerian Army on Obigbo and environs during which 102 defenseless civilians were killed and 120 others shot and injured.

“Out of the over 400 Obigbo abductees, 208 have been freed by Courts and names of 162 others including 53 girls and young women located. The judicial release of the 208 abductees was achieved through the dogged efforts of the Lawyer and other lawyers working with him,” Intersociety said.


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