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Dubai closes all bars, clubs amid spike in Covid-19 cases


All bars and clubs in Dubai are to be shut this February following a spike in coronavirus cases.

This comes after waves of influencers from different countries jetted out to the UAE to avoid pandemic restrictions and travel bans in their countries.

While the restrictions likely will affect Dubai’s vital tourism sector, countries already have taken a hard line on travel to the emirate.

The United Kingdom, a major tourism source for the UAE, already has stopped flights to the country over concerns about coronavirus variants there

Last week, the UK government added the UAE to a ‘red list’ of countries, meaning all direct flights from Dubai to Britain were suspended.

This is in a bid to stop the new South African variant of Covid from further spreading in the UK.

The UK government made it clear that those UK citizens and influencers having fun in the sun in Dubai should return home immediately and self-isolate before the ban set in.

In recent days, countries have blamed Dubai for imported coronavirus cases, including variants feared to be faster spreading.

As daily reported coronavirus cases neared 4,000, Dubai fired the head of its government health agency without explanation.

A spokesman for the Dubai media office blamed a marked increase in the number of violations of precautionary measures for the shutdown of its bars and clubs, adding that new year’s eve also played a huge part in the spike of Covid-19 cases.

The spokesman said: “The measures seek to further enhance efforts to combat Covid-19 and protect the health and safety of all citizens, residents and visitors.

Despite the restrictions, restaurants in Dubai will remain open and influencers will still be allowed to relax around by the pool.


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