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Ex beauty queen, Helen Prest-Ajayi apologises for show of shame at husband’s grave side


Ex beauty queen Helen Prest-Ajayi is apologizing for the show shame that was put up at her husband’s grave side.

The late Dr Tosin Ajayi of First Foundation Medical Centre was finally interred on Thursday last week at the Ebony Vaults, Ikoyi after a ten month delay because of a feud between the late doctor’s estranged first wife, Yemisi Ajayi and Helen who was with him for the last 25 years of his life.

Both women wanted to be solely responsible for burying the late Ajayi who died at St Nicholas hospital, after battling kidney problem. The first wife according to reports wanted the responsibility so as to scheme out Helen from being part of Ajayi’s burial.

First the five older children Yemisi bore Dr Ajayi felt there was foul play in their father’s death and petitioned the police. An autopsy was done at their request and nothing suspicious was found to have caused his death.

They then got another death certificate which bore the address of their mother rather than that of Ajayi’s last known residence which is Ikoyi where lived till his dying breath with Helen.

The matter almost degenerated to a civil suit and it was only with the intervention of prominent members of the society that the burial eventually held.

Unfortunately, the burial was riddled with drama as not only did both women print their own separate programme of events, just when it was time to perform the dust to dust rites, all hell went loose.

The presiding minister at the burial, had requested that the first wife, Yemisi who the late Ajayi parted ways with 35 years ago, go first in performing the dust to dust rite, which she did. He then asked that the five children she bore her late ex husband go next for the dust to dust rite after which Helen would perform hers, followed by her own children.

This didn’t go down well with Helen who insisted that she be the next person to perform the dust to dust rite after the first wife and not after the late Ajayi’s five older children. Commotion ensued with the children from the first wife dragging the mini shovel for performing the rite with Helen.

After a lot of scuffles and arguments, Helen eventually let go when they succeeded in dragging the shovel from her.

But now, Helen is apologising to her late husband for the show of shame that occurred at his graveside when it should have been a celebration of his life.

“Saying our last goodbyes to my dearest kind, humble, wise, caring, loving, intellectually brilliant, generous, charming, fun loving husband. He was a doting father to our children, an icon in the medical field and a huge philanthropist. ⁣Adieu ‘Doc” dearest I ‘apolo’ for everything you have been put through, but God took control to help me give you a befitting and honorable burial. You are heaven’s gain and have gone forth to meet our deceased children Taiwo and Oluwatosin junior Idowu Ajayi – rest on in peace my love,” Helen penned.

This is hoping that this will be the last of the drama that has characterized the death of Dr Tosin Ajayi

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