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Experts warn youths against hazards of negative addictions 

Akinwale Aboluwade 
Some experts have stressed the need for the Nigerian youths to replace negative addictions with positive attributes in a bid to better their lots by transiting into responsible and accountable adults.
They spoke at the 2021 Shining Stars Initiative International summit with the theme, ‘Addictions: The way out.’
A lecturer at the Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ibadan, Dr Tayo Ajayi, said at the forum that the government needs to tackle the emerging substance abuse, stressing that “For government, I will recommend that we look more into emerging substances abuse.
“There are so many of that now and we have the control of the agency working towards ensuring a society free of addiction. Yet, there are several other emerging substances abuse that the youths are into that nobody knows about.
“Government should be on top of the game for awareness and make the control stricter in getting these substances available so that we don’t run the risk of losing our future.”
The Chief Executive Officer of Digitalwox Creative Lab Limited, Mr Ayo Oke, while speaking on, ‘Way out on Cyber/Internet addictions,’ enjoined the youths to spend their time wisely and be self disciplined.
He said, “The effects of cyber addiction are damaged relationships, finances, exposure to risk and disinterest in vital life issues.”
Mr. Tunde Bakare, the Managing Director of Troy Health, however, urged the youths to be a dream addict to become successful in life.
Bakare said positive addictions include hard work, discipline, being principled and the ability to persevere as well as taking risks in order to achieve one’s dream. “No risk no reward. Those who have achieved real success have often risked the most to get there,” he said.
The Convener of the Summit, Mrs Omokehinde Deji-Akinpelu, a registered engineer advised parents and guardians on the causes of sex addiction, saying, “Addictions are not only caused by peer influence/pressure and tendency to explore by the teenagers.
“Any child that is feeling neglected, expressing emotional abandonment or has been sexually abused is prone to be struggling with sex addiction. Research has shown that most teenagers and youths from dysfunctional homes are usually the first set of victims. They end up having a distorted view on relationships and intimacy.
“Parents and guardians should pay closer attention to their wards so as to enable them see the red flag or signals early enough.”
In addition, Deji-Akinpelu urged the youths whom, he said, are major victims of addictions to admit that they have a problem and seek professional help without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. She further stated that getting a mentor or someone trustworthy to be accountable to is another way out of additions.
Ugonna Ukairo, a graduate of the University of Ibadan and Damilola Ajisola, a registered nurse working at Bakcock Teaching Hospital; who doubled as graduate mentors, described the initiative as immensely beneficial.

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