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Man petitions police authorities over Area Commander’s alleged assault to wife

Akinwale Aboluwade
A distressed husband, Olahansoye Ajagbe, has petitioned the Police Service Commission, Abuja in protest against the alleged assault of his wife by the Area Commander of Oyo Area Command, Madayi Kamdel.
Kamdel was alleged to have hit Ajagbe’s wife who is a Policewoman, Inspector, Adeyemo Adejumoke, with his fist in a moment of rage while the latter was lodging a complaint that she was sick and needed time to recuperate.
Ajagbe, in a petition titled, ‘Petition against Area Commander, Oyo-Madayi Kamdel, for assaulting, beating, injuring and harming woman Inspector, Adeyemo Adejumoke at the Oyo Command,’ written through his solicitors, alleged that at about 11am on January 19 2021, he received a distress call from his wife who works with the Police Surveillance Team at Oyo Area Command, Oyo State.
The petition read that his wife, who had been feeling feverish, had treated herself for malaria until four days after when he received a distress call from his wife. On getting to her duty post at Owode, Oyo, he found out that her health condition had worsened.
The petition read that “Our client informed us that his wife had informed her team leader, Inspector Atato Mojisola, of her illness and the inspector advised her to go to the Police Clinic, Oyo for treatment. At about 11.00am our client took his wife in his car to Area Command Office where she reported as being sick at the front desk before she went for treatment and was given an excused duty certificate.
“Our client informed us that while he waited for his wife within the premises of the Area Commander’s Office, he heard the loud cry of his wife and immediately rushed inside the administrative office and was shocked to find the sick wife holding her left eye which was bloodied and half closed. He heard his wife reporting to one police officer ASP James Edo, that Kamdel had hit her on her left eye with his fist for reporting sick to the police clinic, Oyo State.
“Our client informed us that his wife informed him that while she was taking the excused duty certificate given to her by the police clinic, Oyo, to the administrative office of the Police Command, she met the Area Commander at the corridor who harassed her for leaving her duty post to request for police excused duty. She appealed to him that she was really feeling sick and needed to go and properly treat herself but the Area Commander refused to listen to her.”
The petition added that the woman alleged that she went to the administrative office of the Command to submit her excuse duty certificate, saying while she was there, the Area Commander took the certificate from Woman Sergeant Toyin Odejimi, Secretary of the Area Commander and threw it away.
The sick woman was said to have retrieved the excused duty certificate and went to the Area Commander’s office to again appeal to him but was shocked when Kamdel lifted a plastic chair but on second thought, refrained from using it but instead hit her on her left eye with his fist.
“Our client further informed us that he was so enraged and wanted to confront the Area Commander for beating up his wife but for the appeal of some police officers who were present at the office who calmed him down and advised him to take his wife for treatment. Our client informed us that while he was taking his wife out of the police command, he heard the Area Commander Kamdel directing an officer to charge her for default, an order which was carried out despite her condition.”
“While being admitted at the police clinic, it was learnt that the woman fainted. The medical officers at the clinic consequently advised the man to take his wife to another hospital on the account that “they do not have the capacity to treat her.
“The compact disk of video evidence of Inspector Adeyemo Adejumole lying on the floor of the clinic would be made available as it is on the mobile phone used to record the scene for now.”

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