Mother poisons son to death after he raped her for money ritual

A young man has allegedly been poisoned to death by his mother whom he raped for money rituals in Okpella Kingdom in Etsako East Local Government Area of Edo State.
The young man, in his quest for quick money, was said to have trailed his mother to the farm, forcefully raped her and allegedly used a handkerchief to wipe off the semen from his mother after ejaculation.
The victim said she was hurt by her son actions, adding that he threatened to kill her if she ever told anybody about what happened back at the farm. She said she decided to kill him by poisoning his food with a lethal insecticide.
She said:
“I didn’t have to argue with him since he threatened to kill me if I did or even attempted to reveal the act to anybody. So I made up my mind that such abominable, taboo and animalistic act will not go unpunished.
“When I got home, I behaved as if nothing happened but made him a very good dish that he always liked, mixed with local Otapiapia poison. I warned the other children strictly not to dare touch the food I reserved for him.
“He ate peacefully apparently for the joy of huge incoming cash and then died thereafter.”
It was learnt that after the young man suddenly died, elders in the family suspected that something was amiss and invited the police to investigate.
“There is no reason to keep you waiting and investigating, I killed the boy, do you people force your mothers to have sex with you and threaten to kill her if she dares to talk, can you attempt to make money by sleeping with your mother?” she asked them.
She added, “My son had sex with me in the farm and I had to prepare food for him and then add poison to kill him.

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