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Muslims protests against ‘islamophobia’ in Paris

Williams Babalola
Some Muslim protesters have taken to the streets of Paris to protest against the French government over a bill the demonstrators criticise for allegedly trampling on religious freedom and stigmatising Islam.
Countless protesters took to the street to register their displeasure. They gathered to oppose the proposed law that they say is discriminatory towards Muslims, Africanews report.
Last year, the bill was introduced by French President, Emmanuel Macron to fight the “Islamist separation.”
Reacting to this development, Hanane Loukili, the School Principal and Co-founder of MHS school in Paris, said the situation is a disturbing one and urged that a lasting solution should be presented by the authority.

According to Loukili, “When we were shut down, we were very surprised, we knew we had this security problem with the RP (fire alarm regulation norms) but what really shocked us was the joint statement from the Police prefect and the Prosecutor’s Office of the City of Paris, which said that in fact, as per their investigation — and we don’t really know how they investigated all this, we would be separatists. The students were shocked. In particular and bizarrely, a lot of pictures were excessively taken of a class which has a lot of female students who wear hijab.”
The MHS school which is secular and co-educational, also allows female Muslims to wear headscarves in class. An example of religious diversity that does exist in France.
Also, Rafika, the 38-year-old mother of a 17-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl who wears a hijab, shares her experience and her ideal of France.
“This school is a school that I would describe as present-day France. It’s a real melting pot, there are hijabis, people who don’t wear hijab, people of the Muslim faith, Christian faith. It is France, as I have always known it.”
The government had earlier said that the bill does is not meant to victimise Muslims, the protesters argued that it will make all Muslims possible suspects.
Zinedine Gaid, a 27-year-old former Economic Science and Philosophy teacher at MHS school, is calling out the perceived problematic series of events.
Gaid said, “Today, that’s what’s happening, we are making a specific law for Muslims. The government can say what they want, that it’s about our freedoms, no that’s not true. And the proof of it is the recent Imam’s Charter where imams are asked to respect a certain number of things. I can understand some measures of power. But don’t come to tell us that it is to liberate us, it is not true.’’
French lawmakers hold a key vote Tuesday on the draft law, which is expected to win approval in both houses of parliament.

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