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New airline, United Nigeria Airlines berths in Lagos, its promoter unveiled


The over two years work put in to make the new rave of the moment, United Nigeria Airlines a reality, finally paid off, when the airline conducted its inaugural flight on Friday, February 12, 2021.

The airline which will concentrate on the Southern part of Nigeria for now added Lagos and Abuja to its route because of the peculiarities of the cities.

The new airline’s flight route and time are Lagos-Abuja at 6:45am daily; Abuja-Lagos at 8:15am daily; Lagos-Asaba at 9:45am daily; Asaba-Abuja at 11:15am daily; Abuja-Asaba a4 12:45pm daily and Asaba-Lagos at 14:15pm daily. It will also operate Lagos-Enugu at 7:00am daily; Enugu-Abuja at 8:30am daily; Abuja-Enugu at 10:00am daily and Enugu-Lagos at 11:30am daily.”

The airline for now has only three aircrafts in its fleet; two of those aircrafts have been aptly named; Our mother Mary of Miracle, and Blessed Iwene Tansi, named after the late reverend father who was beatified by Pope John Paul II, when he visited Nigeria in 1997.

There are however plans to increase the number in its fleet as it expands its area of operation.

But many may wonder who the promoter of United Nigeria Airlines is, especially with its coming, at a time when other airlines are cutting down on operations due to the pandemic.

Well, United Nigeria Airlines is owned by Obiora Okonkwo who started off as a trader in Onitsha but over time, acquired a robust academic background with a tilt in political economy.

Okonkwo holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Political Science, with distinction, from the Russian Academy of Science, Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Moscow, and a Professional Fellowship Doctorate from the Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria. He had earlier earned a Master of Science Degree in Economics, also with distinction, from the Russian Peoples Friendship University in Moscow and a first class in economics from the Russian Peoples Friendship University in Moscow.

He is also the Chairman of The Dome Entertainment Limited.

A strong promoter of the Igbo culture and tradition in Anambra state, Okonkwo is an author with several published works in his name.

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