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Nigerian police defends herdsmen arrested with guns in Anambra


Some suspected Fulani herdsmen were, on Sunday, nabbed with guns while trying to board a bus at Abuja Park in Upper Iweka, Anambra state.

Other commuters who were about to board vehicles forced the herdsmen to sit on the ground while they went ahead to search their belongings to see if the men were travelling with other dangerous weapons.

In a video that captured the incidence, onlookers could be heard telling the mob to hand the men over to the police.

In reaction to the video which has begun circulating, the Anambra state police command said the herdsmen with guns were not kidnappers but hunters.

The police public relations officer in the state, Haruna Mohammed, said that the incidence happened on Sunday, February 21, 2021, and the identities of Fulani men had been verified.

Mohammed said that the men were hunters who were on their way to meet their colleagues.

“They were hunters going to meet their colleagues and the incident took place on Sunday. Police rescued them,” he said in reaction to the video.

This development comes as residents have continued to maintain high-security alert owing to the farmers and herders crisis that has engulfed many parts of Nigeria as well the onslaught of kidnappings ravaging the country.

Watch the video below:

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