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Olorogun Oscar Ibru resurfaces, recounts how he almost died recently (Video)

For Olorogun Oscar Ibru, the fact that life he has been given another chance at life is more than enough to be thankful for the gift of life which many take for granted.
For almost three months, the scion of the Ibru dynasty almost died from battling Covid19. His organs, from his kidney to liver to lungs etc  collapsed and he battled for life.
Infact, so bad was his situation that there were reports from some quarters that he had given up the ghost battling the deadly virus. But Oscar Ibru who is the Otunba Boyejo of Ijebu didn’t die. He fought the virus to a standstill and survived.

In a testimonial piece he penned, he said, “I almost died. No kidding. Covid19 is EVIL. 7 weeks  and 2 days man. PNEUMONIA, KIDNEY, LIVER, COLLAPSED LUNGS, COUGH LIKE NO OTHER, FEVER… In short DEAD.

“Finally unconscious. No breathing whatsoever. Doctors lost hope; not your bro. I kicked that mother- Fuckers ass. But he left some serious  collateral damage.
“Thank God my heart was strong from some of those things we did in dem days and at the same time being an athlete in the good old days. My heart refused to quit so here I am, home at last.
“My bro the shit was rough and painful as hell. I do not wish for a re-match.
I lost over 10 direct friends  in my 7 weeks of incarceration. Same hospital.

The day I went in Gbolu came out on the way to the mortuary. The day I left ( on 2 feet) kitty Rhodes left but flat on his back, on the way to the morgue.

“Praise GOD. I must have done something right or am about to. All I know is THANK YOU GOD. PRAISE GOD.”
Ibru returned home to the loving hands of his wife, American born Wanda and other members of his family.Olorogun Oscar Ibru who controls several business interests like oil and gas, shipping, real estate etc. via the Ibru Organisation.

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