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Purveyors of fake news spreading lies of Makinde’s defection – Aide

Akinwale Aboluwade 
Mr. Taiwo Adisa, Chief Press Secretary to Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, has described the viral report of the governor’s defection to another party, as another falsehood being contrived by some enemies of progress.
Some online news platforms (The Street Journal not inclusive) had earlier reported that the governor was contemplating defection following some disagreements with some executive members of the party, a situation which was purported to have been heightened by an argument between him and the Publicity Secretary of the party in the state, Akeem Olatunji, on the PDP Whatsapp platform recently.
Adisa, while reacting to the report on Monday, said the rumour is “a concocted falsehood from purveyors of fake news, who are bent on maligning the governor at all cost.”
He maintained that contrary to a fake report that was published by an online news platform, Governor Makinde is not planning any defection to another party.
According to him, the governor has remained a strong pillar of the PDP for many years and is already leading the mission for its resurgence in the South-West.
Adisa stated that the report in question raised all the red flags of fake news, saying it was based on unverifiable claims from an unnamed source.
It added that if the purveyors  of the report and the medium had done due diligence, such falsehood would not have found its way into the public sphere.
The governor’s media aide added that, “The attempt to launch the concocted story shortly after some media outfits had tried to exaggerate the governor’s exit from a WhatsApp platform that purportedly belongs to the PDP, is negatively ingenious.”
He added that the publication was a clear signal that the war being waged against the Makinde Administration through fake news and false alarms was not abating.
He said, “There is a concocted lie doing the rounds about Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State’s planned defection. This is the latest in the rounds of false reports and fake news, weapons which some individuals have employed to wage a needless war against the governor.
“It becomes imperative to attack the hydra-headed monster of fake news and false reports and this particular report raised all the red flags of fake news, as it was based on alleged hints from an individual who claimed not to want his name in print.
“The noble profession of journalism dictates that if a party makes insinuations about another party, the second party’s response should be sought. The reporter in question had access to the media unit of the governor but he chose to fly with the falsehood. This is the kind of story that would have had its place in the dust bins if the reporter and editors of the medium did due diligence on it.
“However, knowing that there is an agenda by some people to derail the Makinde Administration with fake news, it is clear that any news, no matter how false or unverified, will be allowed to scale through the gate-keepers in the media, some of who are their allies.”
It further stressed that apart from the governor not contemplating joining ADC or any other party for that matter, he would also not be distracted by the ridiculous lies being circulated by the enemies within and without.
“But we need to make something clear; no matter the amount of falsehood through fake news and false alarms, Governor Makinde will continue to remain focused on the mandate of developing Oyo State.
“If the purveyors of fake news and unscrupulous elements seeking to derail the administration think that their actions will slow down the governor in his determined pace to develop Oyo State, then they should have a rethink,” he concluded.

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