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South Africa education minister under attack over sexist comment

Williams Babalola
The South African Minister for Education, Angie Motshekga, has come under serious criticism over her rape comments that discriminated against a particular set of people in the society.
Motshekga was addressing pupils when she said that “an educated man won’t rape” in a bid to encourage pupils to value education, but it earned her several backlash from the society as they argued that rape has nothing to do with academic background.
She said, “This government has prioritised education because it knows that it is only through education that it will deal with some challenges that are here. Because an educated man can’t rape.”
She subsequently posed the question “Or do they?” to the disgruntled pupils.
South Africans have disagreed with her that rape is not a class menace.
Pupils were heard murmuring in discord after she commented that she was disappointed that some educated men would still rape women.
South African social media was lit after a video of her comment started trending all over with some trolling her for not understanding dynamics on rape matters.
One South Africa movement leader, Mmusi Maimane has called on Motshekga to resign her position following her insensitive remarks on rape culture.
“We urgently need a new minister of basic education. Motshekga exhibits a lack of understanding about how and why rape and gender-based violence occur in South Africa,” Maimane tweeted.
The backlash continued with the DA demanding a public apology and resignation from the minister over her “biased” comment.
In South Africa, rape is a scourge. Official statistics are dizzying. Over the twelve months from April 2017 to March 2018, 40,035 rapes were recorded, or 110 per day.
Debi Steven, founder of ABS and rape survivor, lamented, “In South Africa, two women are murdered every day by someone they love. Not a stranger. Someone they love. I told my mother I was raped, she told me I was lying. As a mother, what do you think? For her, it had to be a lie. Because she couldn’t accept the truth, she blamed everything on me, and we were thinking about it.”

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