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We prefer credit alerts to flowers, chocolates for Valentine gift – Jos Women


As the world celebrates St. Valentine Day, some women in Jos say they would prefer meaningful gifts than receiving flowers, cards and chocolates, usually accepted as standard lovers’ day gifts.

A survey of both married and unmarried women also indicated their preference for spending quality time at home, than going out to fancy restaurants, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ajalah Omusa, said: “I don’t want any flowers for Valentine, it really doesn’t mean so much to me, flowers to me are not special, I want other gifts that I will see everyday to remind me of the special day. I don’t get to receive gifts very often from my husband, so I will want something very special on a special day like Valentine,” Mrs Omusa said.

Amy Cassidy, on her part, said she would prefer to be pampered and would not mind getting a credit alert from her husband.

“I don’t want any flowers, I just want to be pampered at home like having dinner in bed and spending quality time with my husband, as we don’t get to do this all the time due to the nature of our jobs,” she said.

Gift Udom said she would prefer her husband taking the kids out on an outing, while she relaxes at home all by herself. Udom said resting at home, without the kids for some hours, would help her rejuvenate and also afford the kids the opportunity of spending quality time with their father.

She also noted that a credit alert would also brighten up her day and make her happy.

Mary Izang stated that she would prefer the roses to come with a proposal, than just roses and chocolates.

“Last year, my boyfriend bought me rose flowers and chocolates, we also hung out and I appreciated it, I would want the roses to come with something different. It will be romantic if he bought the flowers and hid a ring in it. We will go out later today, so I hope that happens,” a hopeful Ms Izang said.

Some men who spoke to NAN, however, expressed displeasure on receiving no gift at all, while some stated they only received singlets and boxers all their lives.

“I will not stress myself too much about Valentine this year because I don’t get gifts at all, Jonathan Iliya said, adding, “I always do the buying and get a hug and a thank you at the end of the day, it should be reciprocal, that will make it beautiful.”

Isaiah Badung said women were fond of buying boxers and singlets for their men as Valentine gifts, a norm which he said should stop. He however stated that he would celebrate Valentine at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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