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Eight people stabbed after knifeman goes on rampage in Sweden


A man has injured eight people, three seriously, in a stabbing attack in a town in southern Sweden.

The assailant, who is in his 20s, struck in the centre of Vetlanda at about 15:00 (14:00 GMT) on Wednesday, 3 March.

Police are treating the case as attempted murder, but it is not longer being considered a terrorist crime.

The suspect was shot by officers and is under observation in hospital. His condition is said to be non-life-threatening.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said the ‘horrific violence’ was a reminder of ‘how frail our safe existence is’.

“We face these despicable actions with the combined force of the community,” he posted on Facebook.

Extra police officers have been put on patrol in the area.

Police have not publicly identified the suspect, but witnesses are saying he was an Afghan refugee who had moved to Sweden in 2018.

According to the local police chief, he was previously known to law enforcement agencies but was only suspected of petty crimes, AFP news agency reports.

Police raided an apartment in Vetlanda, believed to be the man’s home. They took away evidence and spoke to people in the neighborhood. Yes

Initially, detectives began treating the incident as suspected terrorism, before re-classifying it as attempted murder.

Five different crime scenes, a few hundred metres apart, were identified, local police chief Jonas Lindell said.

One eyewitness, florist Asa Karlqvist, said: “We heard a scream from the street, then we saw a man enter the store, shouting that he had been stabbed.

“Blood was pouring from his shoulder, so we got towels and applied pressure on the wound.”

The suspect was shot and arrested within minutes of the first emergency call.

Local resident Olivia Strandberg, said she had seen from her window the suspect being taken away.

“I had just gotten to my apartment when my best friend wrote me and said, ‘Don’t go out!'” she said.

Police are not looking at any other perpetrators behind the attack.

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