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How Niger gov discovered he is being fed fake security reports by his adviser

The incessant bandit attacks on the people of Zugeru town may not be unconnected to the poor security reports being fed to the governor of Niger State, Abubakar Sani Bello by his security adviser, Brigadier General Iman (rtd).
Governor Bello who was on a quick assessment for a first hand appraisal of the security situation in the area, engaged the fishermen operating on the bank of River Kaduna near Zugeru town in Niger. While discussions was ongoing, the governor was taken dramatically to the route used by bandits to launch dreaded attacks on surrounding communities devoid of the presence of police and other security agencies.
One of the fishermen who identified himself as Adamu, speaking in Hausa said, “This is the route the bandits usually follow to attacks us. They come through this route and go back through this same route. They have no other route, this is the only route.”
When the governor asked the people if they had reported this to the appropriate authorities in the area to enable them take action, he was shell shocked when they replied that no security agent had ever come to do any investigation since the incidents of kidnap started in the area.
The governor, apparently surprised, turned to Brigadier General Iman (rtd),  who was in his entourage to ask him if he was aware about the absence of security agents in the area despite series of bandit attacks as alleged by the people.

The Iman responded with an explanation that the sophisticated weapons being paraded by the bandits are responsible for the inability of the security agencies to go after the bandits.

Governor Bello was said to have become furious with Iman, asking him to explain the source of the security reports he always filed to the Governor’s office.
He said, “If no security agent has come here to get first hand information on these attacks, then where are they getting their security reports from. That means I am being fed with fake security reports from you.
“So where have you being getting your security reports from, or you just sat down in one place and write reports,” he queried the security adviser fuming.
“What this means is that the people have been left alone, they have been left to their faith. I am highly disappointed from what I am hearing today,” he added.

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