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I can empty bank accounts with just SIM cards – Nigerian hacker


A 26-year-old man, Ayoola Olalekan, who was recently paraded as a suspected cyber fraudster by the Osun State Police Command, has revealed how he uses SIM cards to hack into victims account to defraud them.

Speaking with The Punch, the suspect who hails from Oyo State said he uses a particular computer software to hack into SIM cards. According to him, the software will give him access to the BVN and other details used in opening the victim’s bank account.

The hacker who said he was lured into cyber crime by his friend’s said it takes him just five minutes to hack into a victim’s account and clear available funds.

Responding to questions about himself, the hacker said,

“My name is Ayoola Olalekan. I am a 26-year-old indigene of Oyo State from Oyo town.

“I was arrested for SIM card hacking. I used software to withdraw money from my victim’s bank account.

“I use software to do it. I can hack into any bank account in Nigeria if I get hold of a SIM card on which a bank customer receives bank alerts. I have been doing it for over a year now.”

Speaking about his education and why he dropped out of school, he Olalekan said,

“I dropped out of secondary school. I left while I was in Senior Secondary School 2 because I could no longer cope with the rigours of education. Education was too hard for me. 

“I was no longer interested in education. My younger brother and I dropped out of school at the same time.”

On how he delved into hacking, the suspect said he mastered the trade within two months and became perfect at it. He added that he also trained his younger brother who was also arrested.

He said:

“I got to know about it through friends but I am now an expert and I can hack into any (bank) account. When I expressed my desire to learn Yahoo-Yahoo (Internet fraud), I was taken to Sagamu in Ogun State. It was there that I learnt how to hack SIM cards.

“I have not made much money. I haven’t bought a car or built a house yet. I still live in a rented apartment. My life only improved a little after I began hacking. The biggest money I made at once was N500, 000.

“I buy things for myself; I also try to help poor relations. I visit nightclubs and spend (money) on girls. I am not married but I have a girlfriend.”

Going further, he said,

“To hack, I will just dial a software code on my victim’s SIM card, the BVN and other details he used while opening the bank account will be revealed. Once I have all that, the rest is easy.

“Aside hacking, I am a pop singer. I use the name Lord 99 and to my credit, I have recorded about six singles which are even accessible online for downloading.”

He said if he is freed, he will face his music career, even though he did not make any meaningful income from it.

“I will face my music career. I engaged in Yahoo-Yahoo because the money I was making in music was not enough for me. The biggest amount I made once in a show was N7, 000. While in detention, I still got inspiration for new songs and I have noted it. If I am freed, I will do songs to discourage people from engaging in Yahoo-Yahoo.”

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