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Insecurity heightens as killer Fulani bandits invade Ikorodu town, environs

Following the release of two farmers in Ikorodu last week who paid N15 million ransom to their abductors who are suspected Fulani herders, more details have emerged concerning the abduction. 

The two farmers were kidnapped in Shalabo village located between Isiwu and Imota areas of Lagos state in February. The owner of the farm, Ikorodu Integrated Farm had just returned to the country from the United Kingdom and visited the farm with his brother, where they were both kidnapped.

The kidnappers first demanded a ransom of N10 million but later increased it to N20 million — before a middle ground of N15 million was reached and they got released.

New details have now emerged about the kidnap operation and who the actual perpetrators of the evil operation are.

One of the two victims revealed that they were kidnapped by eight Fulani bandits with (7)AK-47 and (1) Submachine gun. The victims were then walked for two hours in the thick bush.

The victim also confirmed that the sum of N15m and extra N5,000 was paid. According to him, the N5,000 was added when they threatened to kill them if the N15m is short of N1 after counting it.
The ransom was collected at Emuren pipeline area. The victims were released and they eventually came out of a bush near Adama in Ikorodu.
Despite their initial denial of not being aware of any ransom exchanging hands, the Divisional Police Officer, DPO of Imota Police Station reaffirmed what the victim said.
With the admittance by the DPO, it therefore means that Fulani bandits have now invaded Ikorodu and its environs.
Following the incidence, security has now been boosted with additional security personnel posted to Imota axis by the Commissioner of Police. And now, all hands must be on deck, as security is now everybody’s business regardless of wether one is a security expert or not.

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