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Kanye West wins another Grammy award six months after urinating on one


Kanye West has won another Grammy award despite filming himself peeing on one.

Last year, the 43-year-old rapper, shocked fans by posting a clip of himself urinating on one of his many Grammys after placing it in a toilet.

It’s one of the most prestigious awards in the showbiz industry, and many musicians would give anything to get their hands on one.

In September 2020, West went on one of his infamous Twitter rants, this instance concerned his record label. That day he reportedly sent out over 100 tweets, some of which have been since deleted. However, the video of him seemingly urinating on his Grammy trophy remains live.

“Trust me I won’t stop,” he tweeted. The video clips shows someone, presumably West, wearing Yeezy shoes, peeing on the trophy in his bathroom.

Now just a few months later, Kanye has won another Grammy, bringing his total to 22.

His record ‘Jesus Is King’ has won ‘Best Contemporary Christian Album,’ with the winner announced ahead of the ceremony being held in Los Angeles tonight and kicking off at midnight in the UK.

The decision seemed to divide music fans.

While one said it was “deserved”, another penned: “he peed on a Grammy Award but they gave him anyway”

And one posted: “congrats i guess”

One person asked: “remember what he did??? And he still got a Grammy???”

A Kanye fan responded to them: “I get that but I do also think Kanye’s an innovator in music. That’s how he’s collecting”


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