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Nigerian doctor being owed 3months salary collapses after 72-hour shift


Dr Okorie Ifeanyi Venatus, an overworked medical doctor, who has reportedly not been paid for three months, collapsed after a 72 hour shift.

According to a twitter user, who is also a medical doctor, Venatus who is an intern doctor at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, UPTH, Rivers State, is being owed alongside other intern doctors since Dec 2020, a medical doctor on Twitter claimed.

Despite not being paid, Venatus has been working as the only House Officer in the unit.

On the fateful day, after working for 3 days stretch, he reportedly collapsed with his forehead to the ground. He was admitted to the hospital where treatment commenced immediately.

The Twitter doctor who shared the news called out the government for its treatment of House Officers. He also called out the Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors, NARD, for not fighting for the rights of doctors.

“This is Dr Okorie Ifeanyi Venatus,an intern Doctor in UPTH. He collapsed with his forehead to the ground after a 72 hour shift as the only House Officer in the unit. He and other intern Doctors all over Nigeria have not been paid for 3 months now (Since December 2020),” Dr Penking said.

“A country which treats bandits and herdsmen better than her Doctors is headed for doom.

“There is no one to speak for these young, helpless, Vulnerable Doctors called House Officers . Their umbrella body NARD, which they pay dues to, keeps telling stories after stories since January. No action. Imagine working for 3 months under harsh conditions but no pay.

The Federal Government and it’s affiliates selected the most helpless Doctors to torment, because they know that there will be no one to speak for them. If it were resident Doctors’ or Consultants that were starved for even half a month,they would have shut down all the hospitals.

The saddest fact about this is that NARD would have declared an immediate industrial action if residents Doctors were the ones involved but because it’s house officers, there is sudden akinetic mutism. STOP COLLECTING THEIR DUES IF YOU CAN’T DEFEND THEIR INTERESTS.

When House Officers Salary are paid, NARD is the first to take dues from the source even before the salaries can breath. If you can’t fight for the Salaries because House Officers are members of your association. At least can’t you fight for it so that you can steal your dues?

When NARD wants to go on strike, they try so hard to make House Officers join them so that the effect of the strike can be felt. They go to their lodges and keep convincing them that they are part of NARD. Why?Because Consultants can easily work with House Officers and the effect.

The name of the President of NARD which house officers pay dues to every single month is Dr Okhuaihesuyi Uyilawa 08036667892 Please greet him with an urgent message asking why he has decided to ignore his junior members who are being starved to death.

The name of the secretary of NARD which House Officers pay dues to every month is Dr Jerry Isogun. 08038902861 Please greet him with a message and ask why he has decided to ignore his junior members who are being aggressively starved to death.

Let me remind us all that when a House Officer does 72 hour shifts and makes mistakes due to overwork and burnout syndrome with background hunger and absence of salary, he is being punished with more work called “extension”. Who suffers at the end? THE PATIENTS!!!

You might think this does not concern you because you are not a Doctor, but if you or any of your relatives or friends patronize any teaching hospital or FMC in Nigeria, you are in trouble. Imagine leaving your life at the mercy of a Doctor who has not been paid for 3 months.”


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