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Nigerian Twitter influencer commits suicide after complaining about money


A Nigerian Twitter influencer named Tunde, aka Tuneri, has allegedly committed suicide, a development that has thrown his close friends and followers into mourning.

The sad incident is coming just a day after Tunde took to the microblogging platform to rant about not having money.

He tweeted, “I need money like mad, Jesus.”

His death, however, has been greeted with several reactions as social media users have accused Tunde’s friends of being stingy and not coming through for him when he needed help.

@chef_fej wrote, “No offence bah but people are quite hypocritical. Dude killed himself because he needed money, I’m sure he has guys who could wrap up 100-200k for him or his close follower’s but no, it’s now that he’s dead, they are saying ‘Tunde No’ No what exactly. Do better abeg.”

Meanwhile, others have taken to Twitter to mourn him.

@therealdaddymo1 wrote, “This is so heartbreaking. Men go through a lot of pain and unfortunately, we internalize the struggles so we don’t bother others. We need to open up and hear each other out more often and help where we can. Rest In Peace Tunde (Tuneri) and may God have mercy on your soul.”

“Honestly for a guy to survive this period, he needs to be able to open up to either his parents, his friends or his woman, sadly nobody listens until they can’t take it anymore and go. RIP Tunde,” @Neo_Marshall tweeted.

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