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Pan Yoruba group writes Buhari, demand to break away from Nigeria


A socio-political organization , Omo Oduduwa Worldwide, representing the interest of the Yoruba people in Nigeria and abroad, have written an open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari, to demand self determination as a Yoruba nation and break away from the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The letter comes just as Nigeria is grappling with a high level of insecurity and the South West in particular, being in the news lately for the incessant attacks on its citizens and businesses, most of which has been attributed to suspected Fulani herdsmen.

The group while accusing the Buhari administration of nepotism, indiscrimination, bigotry, subjugation and an agenda of the ‘Fulanisation of Nigeria’, say they are seeking self determination without any recourse to war.

“We Omo Oduduwa Worldwide do not believe in restructuring or constitutional reform that your administration is proposing as it is mere farce and will not be in the interest of the Yoruba people, who have consistently suffered discrimination, nepotism, bigotry and subjugation by your government. We do not fit into your agenda of fulanisation of Nigeria,” the group said.

According to the group, the article of agreement that brought the North and South together, exists on falsehood and is unconstitutional.

“Yoruba nation is made up of over 70 million people spread across three geopolitical zones across the country namely South West, South South and North Central. We strongly believe we have what it takes to govern ourselves and generation unborn.

“We are genuinely making the request without any anticipation of trouble or dis quietness. We believe we can peacefully achieve our self determination without any recourse to fighting or going to war.”

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