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Police arrest staff of Ireti Doyle’s daughter, Kachi for scamming customers


Two staff of Kachi Beauty Products were over the weekend arrested by the police at Independence Layout Police Station in Enugu, Enugu State, Foundation for  Investigative Journalism is reporting.

Kachi Beauty Products is owned by Abimbola Kachi Ozofor, daughter of Nollywood actress, Ireti Doyle.

For the past two weeks, Kachi kept promoting a sales tour across the country on her Instagram page. It was the turn of Enugu after she had visited two previous states in late and it was while two of her staff were carrying out sales at the Olive Gate Hotels and Suite at Independence Layout, Enugu, that they were apprehended.

An aggrieved customer who had been scammed by Abimbola called the police on the staff.

Despite repeatedly being told to stop defrauding customers and distributors of their hard earned money, Abimbola has refused to take heed and has continued to advertise her products, urging women to pay for products which are never delivered.

Ireti Doyle her mother has also been repeatedly called out to address the issue of her daughter defrauding customers with many accusing her for failing as a mother and being unable to teach her daughter how not to steal from people and use the money she never worked for to enjoy herself.

Apparently, all that has fallen on deaf ears as Kachi has continued to carry on without a care in the world. Infact on the bio of her instagram page where she claims to be the biggest wig manufacturer in Africa, there are two warnings: “no refund” and “abusive comments will get you blocked.”

After repeatedly being called out for not admonishing her daughter, Ireti was forced to issue a statement on social media late last year with the caption,


“It’s been several months of what can only be described as cyberbullying, harassment, blackmail and slander. My silence has been predicated on the hope that logic and objectivity will prevail…however it has not, and matters have come to a head,” she began.

“Having given it sufficient time and consideration, this statement is being made, so that anyone who gets caught up going forward CANNOT say they haven’t been warned or were not aware.

For the avoidance of doubt:

1. I DO NOT own Kachi Beauty Products.
2. I DO NOT sit on the board of Kachi Beauty Products.
3. I have NO operational or administrative powers in relation to the business.
4. Kachi Beauty Products makes NO returns to me.
5. The owner of the business has stated this categorically and on more than one occasion via the official Instagram handle of said business @kachibeautyproducts

“Therefore, I CANNOT and DO NOT speak for Kachi Beauty Products. While I understand the frustrations, the aggrieved persons should seek redress through the appropriate channels and by reaching out to the concerned party.

“Please note, that anyone reaching out to me, or falsely stating contrary to the aforementioned using my name and image to post insults and spread malicious falsehoods is exposing themselves to legal action and will only have themselves to blame.

“Respectfully yours,
Iretiola Doyle.”




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