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2023: It’s our turn to produce President- North Central Patriot

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Ahead of 2023 presidential election, a group, under the aegis of North Central Patriot, has called on the region to agitate for presidency.

The agitation, the group said, has become imperative as the region has not produce presidency since the inception of democracy in the country in 1999.

The group urged the people from the region to come together and fight for this position as 2023 has given another opportunity for such agitation.

The North Central Patriot specifically urged its people to take advantage of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) zonal congress coming up in Benue on Saturday, adding that such avenue is good opportunity to express this concern to members.

The group noted that the Zonal Congress is an avenue to put plans in place for the call for North Central presidency.

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The group, in a statement by its President, Bitrus Paul, noted that if there is any better place or time for this agitation is this congress.

The North Central Patriot said: “Enough is enough, this is our time to produce the  President. Other zones have had a stint in that position, we also need to taste it. The era of playing the second fiddle is over, we also need to lead the affairs of this nation.”

The group pointed out that North Central doesn’t lack quality leaders, who can hold positions, give directive and lead the nation from all fronts.

“No section of this country should be ignored when it comes to leadership position. The region has been ignored too long. This is the time for us to rise up and claim what we believe is ours at this point in time,” the group said.

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