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Effects of colonialism through religion on the black race


Religion is one influence that has had a huge effect on the black race, it has eaten deep into our existence and has come to stay. The majority of blacks are adherents of christianity or islam.

Religion was a key factor that European powers used to colonize and exploit blacks. Through the dissemination of religious doctrine, religion served as a major force in the partition and eventual colonization of Africa.

Primarily religion was a semblance by which western governments justified the exploitation and conquest of African nations.

In black countries, our education is a mess, our healthcare system has deteriorated, our leaders are ultimately corrupt and nothing seems to be working well. But religion is our major concern, we attribute everything to spirituality, we are asked to pray against poor electricity, education, bad roads, governance instead of actually working toward it by exercising our franchise and practicing a free and fair election.

When the pandemic started in 2019, countries all over the world were concerned with how to curb the virus and possibly find a solution to it. different dimensions were applied and part of it was the lockdown. while some countries were particular about producing a vaccine, a popular black pastor of a populous black nation was concerned about the number of churches that were built.

President XI Jinping of China once said about the black race: ”The only thing the black man has inherited from Arab and European colonisation is the religion that he practices and that is exactly what the colonisers wanted.

“The only thing the black man has inherited from Arab and European colonisation is the religion that he practices and that is exactly what the colonisers wanted.

“Notice that in black countries, the education is a disaster, the administration is corrupt; health is deplorable, but religion is doing wonderfully well.

“Black people rebel against everything except religion. They even think they are more religious than those who brought them these concepts and that the colonisers are not good Christians.

“Black people even claimed themselves to be the original race of which Jesus Christ has descended. This is how far black people’s stupidity can go.

“Notice that any society that is full with superstitions, religious indoctrination, lack of education and nationalism, is always ridden violence.”

While western governments justified colonialism in Africa as a means of modern civilization and religion on African societies, the thirst for commerce and natural resources provided the true force for the colonization of Africa.

Religion serves as a light at the end of the tunnel for the black race, it is a source of hope and strength. A black man can withstand suffering and pains in the name of religion and with the mindset of a greater reward somewhere.

According to Dan Egbese, in his articleThe Black Man’s Burden,’ ”the quest for heavenly bliss still has a strong pull on black people and is taking a toll on them here on earth. Heaven beckons to black people exclusively. We do not strive to make our lives better with technological advancements, we only seek to go to heaven at the end of the day as compensation for lives of denial and deprivation.”

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