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How to guarantee professional finish for your garments every single time


How to guarantee professional finish for your garments every single time

How to guarantee professional finish for your garments every single time
Kofoworola Agboola

Kofoworola Agboola

Just like it takes a whole village to raise a child, just so you need an army of tools to guarantee a flawless Look and feel for your garments. I will introduce you to a host of them, but by the end of this post, I will share 2 secret ingredients with you that only a few designers know about that will never fail to upgrade your finish from Looking home-made to store-bought.


The tools and pieces of equipment in a tailoring workshop are divided into five main categories, namely:

1. Tools for Marking and Measuring

2. Tools for cutting

3. Tools for pressing

4. Tools for fitting

5. Useful extras


SEAM RIPPER: It is used to remove unwanted seams from sewing projects. The longer sharp prong pushes into the seam, while the blade in between the two prongs cuts the thread.

ROTARY CUTTER: It is used to cut through many layers of fabrics. Very useful for when you have bulk orders

SCISSORS: Used for cutting fabric. it is important to have a separate one for cutting paper or thread so that it doesn’t get blunt

CUTTING MAT: It is used with the rotary cutter so as to protect the working surface. it is self-healing and the blades of the rotary cutter won’t harm it

LONG TABLE: A long table is invaluable in a tailoring workshop especially when working with long lengths of fabric


Tools for marking and measuring include:

TAPE RULE: A flexible tape measure is useful to take measurements of the body or any three-dimensional item

FLEXIBLE CURVE: Ideal for drawing curved lines, this can also be used to measure around awkward shapes.

TAILORS CHALK: Often comes in a triangular shape, it is used to mark what you measured.

PENCIL: A pencil is useful for marking patterns

TRACING WHEEL: This is the quickest way to mark continuous lines. The dressmaker’s carbon is placed between the pattern and the fabric, and the tracing wheel is run along the lines to transfer lines of dots to the fabric.


Tools for pressing include:

STEAM IRON: The holes on the surface of a steam iron provide steam that presses seams beautifully.

MINI PRESSING BOARD: a mini pressing board is useful for pressing parts of garments that are narrow, i.e pants, or for smaller items like pockets, collars etc.

TAILORS HAM: It is a rounded three-dimensional shape, the tailor’s ham is useful for pressing seams and awkward shapes.


DRESS FORMS: Dress forms are useful for checking the fit of a garment before or after making it. they are sold in different sizes

FULL-LENGTH MIRROR: It is useful for checking the general fit of garments




Now that you have learned some of these tools, its time for you to discover 2 secret tools top fashion designers use to guarantee excellent finish every single time and how you can make it too, and start using it right away!


Click this link below to learn how👇

Agboola Kofoworola is a fashion designer, coach, and consultant and can be reached on

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