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I am a woman of many colours — Zingo O, singer, author


Sandra Nelson, popularly known as Zingy O, is a singer, songwriter, author and talk show host. She released her debut single recently, a gospel sound, blending both Afro and Southern African beats. In this interview, she speaks on how she has built her career as a multi-talented woman in Nigeria and in the UK:

You say you contribute to the welfare of women through your organisation, how do you do that?

This is by fundraising, through donations, hosting motivational global conference known as ‘The Extraordinary Woman Speaks’ and also through recognition of their work and impact locally and internationally, awarding and celebrating women with a Lift-effects Star award.

Why music?

Music is what makes me connect with so many hearts. it’s a heartfelt yearning of reaching people with the gospel through music. It’s simple music and a language. It cuts across different race, age and nation. It unifies!

As a multi-talented individual, what drives your accomplishments?

To impact people by adding value to them and what legacy I will leave behind is my continuous drive.

Your recently released single has a fusion of afro pop and gospel; is it a means to excite your listeners?

Music, as I said earlier, is a powerful tool to convey a message and a long-lasting effect. After what the world has been through recently, I was moved to get families, homes, and nations lit up with laughter, joy, and with a sound that can keep music in their head, dancing.

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What challenges do musicians working outside Nigeria face?

Lack of support, lack of opportunities for the upcoming artist from foremost platforms, as well as some hidden racial limitations that is there which you may not be able to lay hold on.

How would you define your sound?

Afro beat with a touch Southern African sounds.

Tell us about your background and work-life?

I am a woman of many colours. I am the founder and host of the LIFTEFFECTS and STAR Award, an organisation that recognises the contribution of women globally. I also host the biggest Christian annual women’s conference that hosts thousands of women in the prestigious Excel London and has been featured on London Live, Voice Newspaper, BBC radio, and the like. I went to the University of Ibadan and grew up in Nigeria but now live in the United Kingdom with my family. I am on the staff of a financial institution.

What should we look forward to from you?

Expect more songs from me as this is just the beginning.

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