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Influencer Personality Of The Week: Salimon Oluwatosin Sandra


Influencer Personality Of The Week: Salimon Oluwatosin Sandra

Over the years, fashion influencer, Salimon Oluwatosin Sandra, has successfully built a name for herself in the fashion and cosmetic industry in Nigeria. She is an inspiration to Nigerian women and especially the melanin’s on Instagram. She is a mum of one, famously known for building startups around women’s fashion, and fondly called Cassie with the Good Hair by her fans, named after her brand Cassie Hair.

On Instagram, she shares her revolution for Cassie Hair, in her words “We are working on expanding the Cassie Hair Franchise within and outside Nigeria. We are opening new outlets real soon”. The bachelor’s degree holder, in History and International Relations from the University of Ilorin, is setting trends and rapidly spreading across the country since the exitance of her brand in 2015 and her passion is set on blaze to break more boundaries in and outside Africa with her start-up “Cassie Hair”.

Cassie Hair is a homemade quality hair product at affordable price for the middle class. Other Hair vendors criticized her product and her brand, for being different from the norms. Salimon takes over, influencer personality of the week, for being instrumental in putting out successful brands against all odds; building her confidence and that of her fans, as she teaches them how to style and walk-in class.

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