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Reigning Mrs World, Caroline Jurie resigns weeks after pageant controversy


Reigning Mrs World, Caroline Jurie has resigned her title weeks after she was involved in a controversy at the Mrs Sri Lanka pageant.

Jurie made international headlines after yanking the crown off the winner Pushpika De Silva, at the local segment of Mrs World in Sri Lanka at a Colombo theatre this month, claiming she is a divorcee and therefore was ineligible to contest in the Mrs World 2021 international pageant to be held in December.

She was arrested and released on bail this month after the fracas at the Mrs Sri Lanka pageant in Colombo.

“I stand proud today, knowing that I stood up for what is right. I believe the Mrs World crown stands for a purpose,” Jurie wrote in a statement shared on her Instagram page.

She continued: “I know Mrs World Inc. does not condone malpractices. Therefore, wearing the Mrs World crown and holding the title on unfair grounds go against the purpose of ensuring a fair and equal stage for every woman. Hence, I am stepping down from the title of Mrs World 2020 and I am handing over my Mrs World 2020 Crown. I hereby terminate the Mrs World 2020 contract I entered into on November 4, 2019, with Mrs World Inc.”

Mrs World Inc confirmed the resignation on social media. The statement read:  “Her voluntary resignation decision was made solely by Caroline herself.”

Kate Schneider of Ireland, the runner-up in the 2020 contest which Jurie won, will be the new Mrs World 2020.

The organisation had said that it was a local matter for the country’s pageant organisers to review and that it would have no bearing on the Mrs World 2021 contest that Sri Lanka will play host to this year.


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