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Unbelievable! Kidnapper in intense price negotiation with family of woman kidnapped in Niger State (Audio)

Mrs Okeowo

The abductors of Mrs. Sajo Okeowo and one other have reached out to members of her family, requesting that a ransom of N10m be paid within four days.

It was gathered that Mrs. Okeowo and a family member were traveling from Owo, Ondo State to Minna, the Niger State capital when they were intercepted by the kidnappers.

Having kidnapped the victim last week Thursday, the family was given between Monday/Tuesday this week to pay the ransom or be thrown into mourning as they will not be hesitant to kill her.

In a 7-minute conversation with the nephew of the victim, named Ahmed, the kidnapper who did not reveal his identity warned that if the family fails to pay the ransom within four days, the worst is to be expected.

He stressed that he had never met the victim and it’s only family members who can estimate her value.

“I kidnap people and I keep them for only four days. Today is Thursday and you people have until Monday to pay the money. My space is small and I don’t have the facility to be keeping people for more than four days.

“I don’t know her value. I don’t know her before. Whether she is useful to you people or not, I don’t know. It’s you people that know.”

As the victim’s nephew attempted to plead with the captor to give them more time since the journey from Owo to Minna will take a maximum of two days, given that there is no direct vehicle; he flared up.

The kidnapper countered Ahmed, saying from Owo to Niger will take them one and not two days.

Speaking on the ransom, the kidnapper said he was going to reduce only N2m from the N10m ransom and anything less than that means Mrs Okeowo and the other captive will be killed.

On the issue of religion, the kidnapper said, just like the victim and her family, he is also a Muslim and partaking in the Ramadan fast. However, he said business should not be mixed with religion and because both of them are of the same religion, he was willing to deduct N2m from the N10m ransom and nothing will make him change his mind.

Listen to the audio below:

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