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Nigerians Demand Rescue Of Remaining Greenfield University Students


A general view of the gate of the Greenfield University in Kaduna, Nigeria, where armed men abducted 22 students following an attack on April 20, 2021. The criminals have killed five of the students in their custody and are threatening to kill more soon. Photo by Nasu Bosi/AFP

Nigerians have taken to Twitter to demand the swift intervention of the government to see to the release of the remaining Greenfield University students as the abductors threatened to kill them today.

Twenty-two undergraduates were seized from their campus almost two weeks ago by gunmen. Five of them have since been killed by the captors.

In an interview with the Voice Of America (VOA) Hausa, leader of the team, Sani Idris Jalingo (also known as Baleri), handed down the threat in a recorded audio clip that lasted for three minutes.

He explained that affected parents had paid N55 million which they allegedly used in feeding the captives.

“There are 15 females and two males in our captivity, including the son of the late Emir, Shehu Idris, identified as Hamza,” Jalingo said

“We have heard the governor ranting that he would not pay a kobo as ransom to any bandit or kidnapper.

“He even warned his family members that should anyone of them be kidnapped, he wouldn’t pay a kobo to free them.”

The ringleader said they eliminated the five students to show seriousness and the government’s failure to pay the N100 million ransom might lead to the death of the remaining students.

“Now, we want them to pay the N100 million ransom. Failure to meet up with our demand by Tuesday (today), then the parents will pack their (students) bodies in pickups,” he added.

Nigerians on Twitter are demanding the release of the remaining students.

The kidnappers of the #Greenfielduniversity have killed 5 students and still plan to kill more if the govt doesn’t meet their demands!!

Now is the time to speak up so our government can do the needful!!

Retweet and tweet, We don’t want to lose any Greenfield student again!!

— Elder Seun 🇳🇬 (@iamseunalaofin) May 4, 2021

Lest we forget abducted Greenfield University students have death threat hanging on their heads

Every minute count

Speak up now!

Rescue Greenfield Students Now #Greenfielduniversity

— nafeeu (@nafeezi) May 4, 2021

Here in Nigeria, 17 young men and women, might be executed any second now by a group the government has refused to call by it’s rightful label – Terrorists. If these Nigerians are k!lled in cold-blood again, what would be their crime? #Greenfielduniversity

— Mazi @FestusGreen 🇳🇬 (@FestusGreen) May 4, 2021

When I remember the students killed at #Greenfielduniversity and those still in danger, I can’t help thinking that some people somewhere are collecting salaries and allowances for securing citizens and there’s this much insecurity

— Frank Donga™ (@frankdonga_) May 4, 2021

The #Greenfielduniversity students need to be alive to benefit from these “government initiatives”.

Or are these initiatives for the Elrufais, Osibanjos and Buharis?

— Omé Ņ Ükò (@dictrace) May 4, 2021

17 kidnapped students of #Greenfielduniversity might face death TODAY. Their lives, dreams cut short simply cos we’ve a govt that does a lot of talking without any action.

I can’t take my mind off what those students might be passing through right now

May God protect them all😩

— ChudeeTheNerd Jay (@UtaziJay) May 4, 2021

When they started pampering “repentant bandits” I cried out.

Repentance is unto God not man.

Then they started paying bandits..

Now it has become a lucrative business for trigger happy fellows and enemies of our collective patrimony.#Greenfielduniversity is priority..

— Apst Johnson Suleman (@APOSTLESULEMAN) May 4, 2021

Bandits Have Threatened To Kill More Abducted #Greenfielduniversity Students Today. Sheikh Gumi Spokesperson For These Deadly Bandits Should Be Arrested. He Knows The Hideouts Of These Bandits. And The Culpable Negligence Of The Federal Government Is Very Alarming. Failed State!

— Somto Okonkwo (@General_Somto) May 4, 2021

Bastardized DSS that should have gathered enough Intel to nail the abductors of Greenfield University students is busy threatening government critics.

Such a noble organization sacrificed on the alter of mediocre Politics. E no go better for una. #Greenfielduniversity

— Mazi @FestusGreen 🇳🇬 (@FestusGreen) May 4, 2021

They did no harm.

They hurt nobody.

They deserve their freedom, Western Education can never be Haram. The FG must intervene to rescue #Greenfielduniversity students ASAP.

— theonly1acre (@theonly1acre) May 4, 2021

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