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Shoprite outlets shut down across Nigeria as workers begin strike


All 25 Shoprite outlets across Nigeria have been shut down by protesting workers who are demonstrating the alleged maltreatment of staff by the management as well as intentions to transfer ownership of the company.

The Street Journal had earlier reported that staff of the Shoprite Mall in the Akure, the Ondo State capital, on Tuesday morning, took to the streets to protest against several factors, including lack of settlement.

The protesters who bore several placards with different inscriptions sang various solidarity songs while they demonstrated.

Inscriptions written on the various placards include, ‘Say no to modern slavery’, ‘They want to abandon us and run’, ’10 years of service without entitlements, and they want to run, ‘ among others.

The staff of the company were said to have signed a contract to work with Shoprite South Africa meant to elapse between 2035 and 2040. However, given the recent happenings, the staff are protesting that they should be paid off rather than run the risk of sack after a new Nigerian company takes over in June 2021.

Shoprite had in August 2020, announced that a formal process had begun to discontinue operations in Nigeria.

The company announced their exit saying several potential investors had approached them and in line with a re-evaluation of the group’s operating model in Nigeria, they obliged.

As all is set for Nigeria’s Tony Amusan to take over operations of the Shoprite conglomerate in June 2021, the management of the company has said they do not have plans to pay workers off.


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